Garage Conversion in Newton mearns

Completed: Aug 2016 Duration: 6 days Mr Aldridge from Newton Mearns was really happy with our workmanship and professionalism. We completed this garage conversion within time and agreed budget. Looking for a free quote – Give us a call on 0141 280 4334 -

Creating a garage workshop conversion

One of the most popular garage conversions that we do is to convert a garage into a workshop – usually for the man or woman who restores classic cars or has a passion for motorbikes and wants a bit more than a standard home garage has to offer. We offer this as a full conversion […]

Full or partial garage conversion ?

This is one of the questions we at Garage Conversion Glasgow get asked often by prospective clients – “Should we go “the whole hog” or should we keep a bit as a garage?”. As with many of the questions related to garage conversions, our answer is usually, “It depends.” Your garage’s current use We will […]

Building your own gym

At Garage Conversion Glasgow we read the depressing statistics about the rise of obesity and the dangers to our health of sitting in an office or a works van all day and whilst we all know that we should go to the gym to keep ourselves in shape – we also know that going to […]

Flooring for your garage conversion

Here at Garage Conversion Glasgow we are often what kind of flooring should I choose for my garage conversion and our answer is always, “It depends”. Every garage conversion is unique and the type of flooring most suited to yours will depend heavily on the end use (or mix of end use) that you have […]